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    FireClaw | The Best Fire Tending Tool | Bonfire Tool | Made in USA

    FireClaw Green

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    FireClaw Orange

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    FireClaw Yellow

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    FireClaw Blue

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    FireClaw Red

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    Call: (989) 671-9498

    FireClaw, Inc.
    1221 S Raucholz
    Hemlock, MI 48626
    FireClaw | Fire Tending Tool | Campfire Tool | 989-450-6833

    Tool Use Precaution

    Fireclaw Inc. assumes no liability for any misuse of our product other than its intended purpose of clamping and moving logs intended for fire pit. Do not use on living creatures of any kind and on anything that the tool was not intended for. Just like any metal, the tool could potentially become hot. Do not leave tool unattended on the ground and keep out of reach of children. 

    FireClaw | Fire Tending Tool | Campfire Tool | 989-450-6833