Fireclaw is a small company with a two man operation. We are located in the Great Lakes State, Michigan.

    The Fireclaw is the best fire pit tool because it is unique, safe and very easy to use. Whether adding logs to your pit or moving them around in a hot fire, this camping tool is for you. In the past several years, many different campfire tending tools have been introduced to the market however they don't meet up the high standards of Fireclaw. The original Fireclaw, made by Dave and Doug, is still the most durable and simple tool compared to leading competitors. There are no nuts, bolts, springs, or cables to come loose, stretch or break.

    Meet Dave and Doug.

    With a passion for engineering and working with their hands, Dave and Doug tackled the everyday problem of tending open fires. Noticing when family or friends would gather around the bonfire, that some always had the job of tending to it. They would use readily available items not designed for fire use. Even worse, they would use their bare hands to manipulate the logs to "get them going" again.

    Taking the idea to design was the next step to this journey. Materials were discussed, assembly was determined, and standards were set. After a few design tweaks the Fireclaw was created.

    Being 4 foot in length, no longer does a person have to stand close to the fire to add logs or move existing ones.  Whether tending to your campfire or adding wood your stove, Fireclaw is the tool you need.



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    FireClaw | Fire Tending Tool | Campfire Tool | 989-450-6833

    Tool Use Precaution

    Fireclaw Inc. assumes no liability for any misuse of our product other than its intended purpose of clamping and moving logs intended for fire pit. Do not use on living creatures of any kind and on anything that the tool was not intended for. Just like any metal, the tool could potentially become hot. Do not leave tool unattended on the ground and keep out of reach of children. 

    FireClaw | Fire Tending Tool | Campfire Tool | 989-450-6833